Libya Matters

Introducing Season 4

June 27, 2022 Lawyers for Justice in Libya Season 4
Libya Matters
Introducing Season 4
Show Notes

We’re back! This is Libya Matters – Season 4. New season, new guests, new hosts… and so much to discuss!

More than a decade after the 2011 uprising, we’ll be taking a look at what justice really means in Libya and for Libyans, and how we go about achieving it. With a dazzling line up of guests, we grapple with the topics of truth-seeking, criminal accountability, victim participation, reparations, amnesties and much more.

From this Wednesday, join Elham Saudi, Marwa Mohamed, and special guest hosts Juergen Schurr and Mae Thompson, as they talk with some of the most distinguished names in the field of human rights and transitional justice.

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