Libya Matters

26: The Fight for Freedom of Expression

August 18, 2021 Lawyers for Justice in Libya Season 3
Libya Matters
26: The Fight for Freedom of Expression
Show Notes

In this episode, we take a deeper look at the rights to freedom of expression and association. Ten years on from the protests that started the Libyan uprising and in the year in which elections are supposed to take place, where are we in protecting and promoting these rights? And why are they so important for accountability, peace and democracy? We explore why it is important that these rights are available equally, what they mean for diversity and inclusion, and what has changed  since 2011. 

This is a story of tragedy and triumph, and one we are honoured to tell. LFJL is sincerely grateful to Salwa’s family and friends, and all of our friends and partners in Libyan civil society who have given us their time and trust to tell this story. 
LFJL created the Ali Nouh Fund to provide emergency assistance to human rights defenders who are at risk due to their work. To donate, visit Every penny you donate will go to support human rights defenders in Libya.   

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